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Yes !!!!

A bit of positivity, always a good way to start a piece.

  • YES - we have finished our third album
  • YES - we have sent the masters and artwork to manufacturing company 
  • YES - we have booked the digital release date for every platform
  • YES - we are excited about all of this
  • YES - we have had a great summer of festivals, special shows seeing how a lot of the new songs were received.
  • YES - we have already got new brand new tunes on the go, that we will work into shows soon
  • YES - we have a cracking set ready to go for this Sunday's set at the EH6 Festival
  • YES - we have only one more gig (after this weekend) this year, and it is going to be a LONG set at Madhatters, Inverness on Saturday 16th December

A quick run down of the summer highlights...we got to play in some of our very favourite places, Almost Blue Dundee, Dreadnought Bathgate, Belladrum, supporting Miracle Glass Company and last but certainly not least Jocktoberfest at the Black Isle Brewery. A truly special summer, thank you to all who came to see us again, and also those that found their way into the Dixie Fried groove, we hope it is one you will enjoy for a long time.

We are desperate to get this album out as we have some great things happening all over it. We have invested everything we can to make it sound as good as we can. Spent many many hours pouring over every detail, from every note and drum beat, to artwork getting the right tone and angle, to even arguing over the bit rate that digital distributors will accept. We are very emotionally attached to this in making it the very best we can, and hope that transfers over to the music.

Release date will be announced in the next month, as we are busy working out some finer details to make it even more special for those that are with us on our journey to our THIRD ALBUM RELEASE !!!

As we have said right from the start...'Keep it Dixie y'all'


Summer...done...October going to be 3 amazing nights

What a summer we have had...2 very lucky guys right here...we have got to tour everywhere from just over 3 hours drive away near Preston to around 6 hours drive to Thurso. We have played some brand new places, sold loads of cd's, made a lot of new friends, and fallen in love with the small festival scene throughout the UK.

Without a doubt Beat-Herder festival (with around 15,000 there) was an amazing experience, but I cannot say enough good things about Jocktoberfest (with only 1000 there). We headlined the second stage on the second night that was the perfect setting to get the place bouncing along to our deep and dirty blues rock. We had a flamingo crowd surfing, people humping the stage with others humping the first and second humpers (yup it was a sort of human caterpillar thing, brilliant image ha ha ha), we had the loudest cheer that forced the stage manager to allow us to do just 'one more extra' tune that was an off the cuff cover we hadn't prepared, 'Have Love Will Travel' (by Richard Berry, The Sonics, The Black keys are only a couple of others who have covered it).

We will defo be on the look out for as many festivals as we can for 2016, and hopefully much more of these will be right up our street.

As we are about to enter in Autumn here in Scotland, we have just three more shows booked for 2015, with the plan to hibernate to our music den to experiment recording differing techniques before hitting a studio early next year for hopefully album number 3. Who knows though we may just pop up here or there with a guerilla gig at short notice, so please keep checking back here (facebook or twitter) for news.

The ROctober gigs are going to be in three of our favourite venues throughout Scotland. 100% pure music venues and the scenes of some amazing Dixie Fried nights before.

  1. Sat. 10th Dreadnought, Bathgate
  2. Sat. 17th Mad Hatters, Inverness
  3. Fri. 30th King Tuts, Glasgow

Details for each gig is on our events page (click here) but these are going to be crackers for sure.

Bathgate is to support a local charity, with all door money going 100% to charity. Looking like it will be very close to a sell out. Get in touch to secure tickets or take a chance and turn up very early just to get in (around 7pm)

Inverness, what can we say about Inverness. Feels like a second home to us this year and cannot wait to get back up yet again. After Jocktoberfest at the Black Isle Brewery the messages of support and people bringing their friends to this night, yes it is going to be very very busy.

Glasgow, its a Friday night gig at King Tuts...I mean what more do you have to say. I have seen many a band at King Tuts over the years, and Friday nights are always party night. It is going to be a belter as ourselves and The River are supporting My Baby - a Dutch 3 piece whose video's show me we are going to be the perfect match of a night. And you can still get a few VERY cheap tickets on the event page.

Keep it Dixie Fried

New things...

Happy Friday folks,

Just a quickie so we can all get back to enjoying the weekend, but a few dates coming up over next few weeks we want to make sure you know about. Of course more details as we get them will be added to our events page here

  1. Sat 29th August, Holburn Hotel, Thurso
  2. Sat 5th September, Jocktoberfest, Black Isle
  3. Sun 6th September, Party in the Park, Bathgate
  4. Sat 10th October, Dreadnought, Bathgate
  5. Sat 17th October, Mad Hatters, Inverness
  6. Fri 30th October, King Tuts, Glasgow

Going to be playing some oldies, some covers and some new material throughout all dates.
Looking forward to seeing a lot of you all over.

ps King Tuts tickets are selling very fast, to be picked up at the bar on the night & can be bought online at no fee right here 

March, yeah that was a bit fun...

First of all, from Craig & John we want to say thank you to everyone involved with making March are truly memorable month for us.

We played in some  fantastic venues yet again, heard some crackin' other acts, met lots of positive music lovers (who keep the Scottish music scene alive & kicking), sold loads of cd's, and travelled over 800 miles. We both know how incredibly lucky we are, and even more grateful that so many came out to hear what we do, very humbling and also VERY inspiring to keep the head down and concentrating on creating our next batch of tunes.

We played with a couple of acts we have played with before but on the whole mainly brand new acts that makes us think very positive about future music. Matt Scott, , Searching For Donkeys & The Rag & Bone Man were again top notch. With The Commons and The Palmiros really shining a light for the future (The Commons aged between 15-16, wow !!!).

We have already starting booking our next batch of gigs later in the year, again all around the country, however there will be one or two pop up before then. This all starts off on Saturday 25th April, where we will be back at King Tuts supporting the notorious Dave Arcari, along side Glasgow band Proud Honey. After such an incredible run of gigs we are offering our allocation of King Tuts tickets at the heavily discounted price of only £5.50 (plus postage) details are on our events page here or purchasing direct here 

There is some more gigs/festivals already booked during the summer and once we get the go ahead to announce, then of course this will be the first place we will let you know.

So again, thank you for continued support and will see you at King Tuts

Come and get Dixie Fried y'all

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