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wow, just wow...

What a December we had, our vinyl arrived early from manufacturers and as we had a lot of pre-sale orders already sitting with us, we took the decision to get it sent immediately during the month. So glad we took that option as the feedback has blown us away, thank you all, very humbling.

You can still purchase the vinyl here http://dixiefried.bigcartel.com/

We also then agreed with several independent record shops of stocking the vinyl, and can be bought in Ayr, Kilmarnock, Glasgow & Edinburgh. We need to get back to Ayrshire to play soon, as we have already had to re-stock down there twice, thank you all.

We are immensely proud of this whole project, and believing we put together a great product and a t a very reasonable price. It is the highest quality vinyl money can buy, great design, a great booklet / lyric sheet and a free download...and...on top of all that we have created 8 bloody good tunes to make it all the best we could. The feedback and messages have only re-enforced our already Trump-like claims. It is very humbling to know that so many of you all have supported us thus far and most of all digging the music we are putting out, thank you, every one.

Inverness, that city and whole area never fails to bring a huge smile to our faces, what a place. We broke our normal hibernation to play during December and played on the 16th at Mad Hatters. It really was a thank you to everyone who came to see us at Belladrum and Jocktoberfest during the summer which also blew us away. We did not expect how great a night we would have in December, just wow.

Well Inverness, as a thank you for December we are coming back...VERY SOON

Saturday 17th February, lets do it all again, same place, same times...bring a friend, but if anything like last time get in early as it will be another party atmosphere (details will be on our event page ASAP).

More info coming but it  deserves a post all of its own

Summer...done...October going to be 3 amazing nights

What a summer we have had...2 very lucky guys right here...we have got to tour everywhere from just over 3 hours drive away near Preston to around 6 hours drive to Thurso. We have played some brand new places, sold loads of cd's, made a lot of new friends, and fallen in love with the small festival scene throughout the UK.

Without a doubt Beat-Herder festival (with around 15,000 there) was an amazing experience, but I cannot say enough good things about Jocktoberfest (with only 1000 there). We headlined the second stage on the second night that was the perfect setting to get the place bouncing along to our deep and dirty blues rock. We had a flamingo crowd surfing, people humping the stage with others humping the first and second humpers (yup it was a sort of human caterpillar thing, brilliant image ha ha ha), we had the loudest cheer that forced the stage manager to allow us to do just 'one more extra' tune that was an off the cuff cover we hadn't prepared, 'Have Love Will Travel' (by Richard Berry, The Sonics, The Black keys are only a couple of others who have covered it).

We will defo be on the look out for as many festivals as we can for 2016, and hopefully much more of these will be right up our street.

As we are about to enter in Autumn here in Scotland, we have just three more shows booked for 2015, with the plan to hibernate to our music den to experiment recording differing techniques before hitting a studio early next year for hopefully album number 3. Who knows though we may just pop up here or there with a guerilla gig at short notice, so please keep checking back here (facebook or twitter) for news.

The ROctober gigs are going to be in three of our favourite venues throughout Scotland. 100% pure music venues and the scenes of some amazing Dixie Fried nights before.

  1. Sat. 10th Dreadnought, Bathgate
  2. Sat. 17th Mad Hatters, Inverness
  3. Fri. 30th King Tuts, Glasgow

Details for each gig is on our events page (click here) but these are going to be crackers for sure.

Bathgate is to support a local charity, with all door money going 100% to charity. Looking like it will be very close to a sell out. Get in touch to secure tickets or take a chance and turn up very early just to get in (around 7pm)

Inverness, what can we say about Inverness. Feels like a second home to us this year and cannot wait to get back up yet again. After Jocktoberfest at the Black Isle Brewery the messages of support and people bringing their friends to this night, yes it is going to be very very busy.

Glasgow, its a Friday night gig at King Tuts...I mean what more do you have to say. I have seen many a band at King Tuts over the years, and Friday nights are always party night. It is going to be a belter as ourselves and The River are supporting My Baby - a Dutch 3 piece whose video's show me we are going to be the perfect match of a night. And you can still get a few VERY cheap tickets on the event page.

Keep it Dixie Fried

New things...

Happy Friday folks,

Just a quickie so we can all get back to enjoying the weekend, but a few dates coming up over next few weeks we want to make sure you know about. Of course more details as we get them will be added to our events page here

  1. Sat 29th August, Holburn Hotel, Thurso
  2. Sat 5th September, Jocktoberfest, Black Isle
  3. Sun 6th September, Party in the Park, Bathgate
  4. Sat 10th October, Dreadnought, Bathgate
  5. Sat 17th October, Mad Hatters, Inverness
  6. Fri 30th October, King Tuts, Glasgow

Going to be playing some oldies, some covers and some new material throughout all dates.
Looking forward to seeing a lot of you all over.

ps King Tuts tickets are selling very fast, to be picked up at the bar on the night & can be bought online at no fee right here 

Hello folks

Just realised it has been a wee while since we have last had a wee chat, and thought better get putting out some info for you all.

First of all, welcome and thank you to all you new friends we have met over the summer and joining us on our musical journey.

We are sitting half way through the our summer festival season having played 3 entirely different festivals at Dundee, Beat Herder and Maryport it is hard to pick any one that we have loved more than any of the others.

Dundee is a city that is full of musical energy and we are always welcomed with open arms and a huge smile. Played 2 venues on the Saturday and again blown away with generosity of every person who comes to see us. Special thanks to the girl who came to see us 4 years after her first time, and had to take a day off work to come see us  play, wish we had caught your name, but hey please don't be shy.

Beat Herder, wow, what a place. Celebrating their 10th year of a festival that grew from an illegal rave in a forest to a fully functional 15,000 capacity organic audio haven. There were stages for every type of dance music. The forest is still utilised and looked amazing both during the day & night. Great vibes throughout and more importantly could still get an ice cold can of Red Stripe at 10pm on the Saturday night. Would highly recommend getting Herded Up.

Maryport again was absolutely rammed, unfortunately only playing one packed out venue but not before being overwhelmed by the ethos of the small seaside town, from people organising to the punters themselves. Nothing but great things to say of this normal sleepy town, but it was transformed into a thriving crowd in a gloriously hot Saturday.

Looking at our events page, you might think what are they talking about, they only have one more festival on there....well stay tuned as another two will be announced over the next couple of days. Also one more trip to Inverness and a charity gig during October to announce.

We have started a bit of a transformation and upgrading our instruments, with Craig purchasing a cracking new Fender amp (BTW he will be selling on one of his others, so if anyone looking for some authentic, fully working complete with flight case, Dixie Fried memorabilia then stay tuned as advert coming soon) and John getting a new Ludwig drum set. New sounds to go with even more new tunes will be coming for your audio pleasure real soon.

When it comes to new material for the next album, we are well on the way. We have 3 completed tunes, 2 almost done, with another 2  as work in progress. There is also a planned tune that goes to the very roots of blues music, straight from the cotton fields. We know exactly what we are going to do with it (and bringing in some friends to play with us), but this will be recorded entirely live to achieve the 'feel' we want, so this is much further down the line before we even start on it. There are many many jams we have recorded that could go somewhere, who knows may just release some raw audio a bit down the line.

Sorry it has been so long since last update, I will try not to make it so long before the next one

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