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Yes !!!!

A bit of positivity, always a good way to start a piece.

  • YES - we have finished our third album
  • YES - we have sent the masters and artwork to manufacturing company 
  • YES - we have booked the digital release date for every platform
  • YES - we are excited about all of this
  • YES - we have had a great summer of festivals, special shows seeing how a lot of the new songs were received.
  • YES - we have already got new brand new tunes on the go, that we will work into shows soon
  • YES - we have a cracking set ready to go for this Sunday's set at the EH6 Festival
  • YES - we have only one more gig (after this weekend) this year, and it is going to be a LONG set at Madhatters, Inverness on Saturday 16th December

A quick run down of the summer highlights...we got to play in some of our very favourite places, Almost Blue Dundee, Dreadnought Bathgate, Belladrum, supporting Miracle Glass Company and last but certainly not least Jocktoberfest at the Black Isle Brewery. A truly special summer, thank you to all who came to see us again, and also those that found their way into the Dixie Fried groove, we hope it is one you will enjoy for a long time.

We are desperate to get this album out as we have some great things happening all over it. We have invested everything we can to make it sound as good as we can. Spent many many hours pouring over every detail, from every note and drum beat, to artwork getting the right tone and angle, to even arguing over the bit rate that digital distributors will accept. We are very emotionally attached to this in making it the very best we can, and hope that transfers over to the music.

Release date will be announced in the next month, as we are busy working out some finer details to make it even more special for those that are with us on our journey to our THIRD ALBUM RELEASE !!!

As we have said right from the start...'Keep it Dixie y'all'


Off on, festivals, support slot and album news

Things have been absolutely non-stop these last few weeks, and simply have not found any time to keep you all updated, so trying to quickly rectify that now.

First of all since our last post about having to CANCEL the Almost Blue appearance, we were lucky enough to be added for an hour on the Saturday evening at No. 1 bar. It happened that quick, that sadly only if you followed on our social sites (facebook or twitter) then you would have got to hear about it, sorry. We had a blast and got to play almost 30 minutes of brand new material to an audience of new & old friends. Fingers crossed for a couple of slots next year at this wonderful FREE city centre festival.

During June we were lucky enough to see one of our favourite bands, where they played quite possibly the best gig I have seen this year, North Mississippi Allstars shook the foundations of Oran Mor once again. Anyone that knows our own story may know that we took our band name from the Carl Perkins song from the 50's, but was covered by James Luther Dickinson and became his own and subsequent album of the same name. We have been lucky enough to give both sons of Jim Dickinson (Luther & Cody) copies of our two previous albums.
Couple of gigs coming up, and all our on our events page with more to be added very soon. Easy to say that we cannot wait for them all, from playing with good friends Palmiros and Gary Burns & Ewan Butler at the Dreadnought...to a prime slot at Belladrum of 8.45pm on the Saturday night (there will be some more things to add while we are on site, so stay tuned to the social media sites for quick updates). Then before Jocktoberfest we are supporting Miracle Glass Company. Please check the events page for details as and when we get them.

OK the album is in the can, it is done, no more is being added, no more is being taken away, we are ecstatic about this labour of love and will announce more details of release ASAP. There are a couple of slight things to get with the mix, but we know exactly what they are and being addressed now, once completed the mastering should follow very quickly, so we can get the product actually made. So sadly we have to report it is going to be the turn of the year before it can go out for sale. All we can say it is something we are extremely proud of and I have personally listened to it many more times than any other album in the last 5 years, and I am still not bored with it, more buzzing than anything else.


Hello world...

We have been out of the public eye this first six months of 2017, only making one rare appearance in April supporting the outstanding Black Cat Bone at the Liquid Rooms. Was a genuine honour to play to a packed room in the beautiful Voodoo Rooms yet again (becoming a habit). If you are available on Friday 23rd June then get along to see their first show at King Tuts Glasgow, you will not be disappointed.

So back to us, we have been publicly quiet but seriously very busy back in the Dixie Fried Cave planning World domination for when our third album is released in just a few months time. Cannot say too much about it just now, as we really want to ensure this wall of sound knocks you off your feet, but I can say that it will be finished this weekend with the last mixing session fast approaching. It is our biggest album to date, with a lot of care and attention going into every detail that we aim to deliver to you, on every level.

In the meantime a few shows, we have announced we are absolutely honoured to be returning for THE THIRD YEAR IN A ROW to Jocktoberfest the first weekend in September. It is one festival that feels so very special to us - as it was the first time we ever had a 6'3" man dressed as a pink flamingo, crowd surfing, while being fully Dixie Fried - good times. And at only £35 a ticket it is a total bargain.

We have more festivals to announce, but waiting for festival to announce full line up before we can do the same...

We are playing a very special local gig on Friday 28th July at our favourite Dreadnought in Bathgate, with the top dollar Palmiros and a joint acoustic gig between our good friends Gary Burns & Ewan Butler.

We can now also announce we will be playing at this years ALMOST BLUE festival in Dundee. We will be playing 7pm in Liquid Envy on South Ward Road. So, all you good people in Tayside will be first to hear a lot of new tracks from the new album as well as some thumping rhythmic blues to kick start the weekend.

More exciting news to follow very very soon

May 2016

So far we have had a good month, how about yourself ?

We got to play a wee gig for a good mate in Dundee in a cracking boozer, met a truly awesome 3 piece band from Aberdeen, began planning Autumn tour with some very special people, announced to headline a night during King Tuts Summer Nights Festival and announced to be playing again at Jocktoberfest the first weekend in September...yeah as months go, not too shabby at all.

As you can see, what a line up throughout the whole run, but for me our night is something that really whets my appetite. It is the show that just screams 'GIG AND A HALF'..even if we weren't playing I would be paying good money to be going. For a bit of a favour we are offering an even better price of ticket for our night than you will find anywhere else. FOR ONLY FIVE POUNDS you can get access to the whole night (instead of the ticket priced of SEVEN POUNDS). These e-tickets are available right now from HERE, or will be available from a shop in Glasgow in the physical form in the very near future. 

Oh and if travelling through from West Lothian we already have a bus almost filled up, but can easily sort more if required. Book your ticket through us and get a very cheap bus return on the night itself.

Jocktoberfest....what can we say...we attended it last year and was blown away. The location, the atmosphere, the music, the food, the vibes every factor needed to make a great festival were all boxes ticked with a HUGE BIG MARK. So to be asked to come back again after our storming set that closed the second stage last year, was an absolute honour. After going on about how much we loved it last year, we already know of a good number travelling up for this year...but don't dither for tickets...at £35 for the WHOLE WEEKEND it is the bargain of the festival season. Once the tickets are gone, that is it.

Great line up yet again, honestly worth it...do not leave it too long before deciding to get a ticket

More news coming very, very soon.

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